Thoughts on Learning Without an Agenda

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My Experience

I’ve been running yearly fantasy football projections since I was in college. I initially did it for fun and to hold a competitive edge over my friends. But, a few months after graduation, I discovered an online machine learning course. I saw it as an opportunity to dive into a “skill of the future,” and I could use my fantasy football project as learning ground. I was super excited, and my mind started running with plans. I could develop career arc models, try to drum up a social media following, and create a video series.

My Realization

A few days ago, I came across a talk from the instructor of the online machine learning course. The light bulb went off: “Maybe I should try it again>” As I was thinking, I started coming up with a few project ideas, but this time I caught myself. I realized that it will be impossible for me to make progress if I keep diverting my focus to these other ideas. The ideas weren’t what brought me to want to take the course, it was just the spark of interest. To move forward, I needed to filter out all of the extra pressures I was creating for myself.

My Upcoming List

Completed so far…

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@MSilb7 and | South Florida native | Interested in sports, tech, startups/vc | 🐊 UF Alum | Current: PM at Amazon

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