A Hot Take Exploration of Substack, Clubhouse, Slack, Discord, FB Messenger, and Snapchat ft. Facebook’s Decentralized Web Ambitions.

The 0.05% Tiers are Coming!

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The one where I take a meme too seriously.

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Consumer Applications of Crypto | Part 1

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Inspired by Paul Graham’s latest essay.

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We’re seeing the beginnings of a new wave, where creators will build massive-scale businesses

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Writing through my thoughts on focus, avoiding distraction, and searching for clear long-term thinking

My New Outlook to Make Curiosity Fun Again

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Re-Discovering Curiosity

Michael Silberling

@MSilb7 and msilb7.com | South Florida native | Interested in sports, tech, startups/vc | 🐊 UF Alum | Current: PM at Amazon

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