A Hot Take Exploration of Substack, Clubhouse, Slack, Discord, FB Messenger, and Snapchat ft. Facebook’s Decentralized Web Ambitions.

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The 2000s brought us the social networks MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and more. On these “wide-open” platforms, everyone had a microphone to shout out into the world. At first, this was the novel cool thing to do, and it became addicting. But then, when these platforms needed to turn a profit, things changed. Our engagement was the golden ticket to monetization. If they could get us to post, react, comment, and share more, the advertisers would line up to pay for our attention.

Optimizing for engagement eventually pushed us farther apart. The original…

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Inspired by Paul Graham’s latest essay.

Nothing recently has struck me quite like Paul Graham’s latest essay What I Worked On. Paul takes you through his professional life from college, to art school, to his first jobs, to founding ViaWeb, and eventually to Y Combinator. The essay helped me connect with the winding path that Paul, and most of us, go through, no matter how “up and to the right” history tells the story. It also reminded me of this Steve Jobs quote about looking back on your life: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

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We’re seeing the beginnings of a new wave, where creators will build massive-scale businesses

A few weeks ago, I opened Twitter to do my usual scroll. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just distracting myself for a bit. But as I scrolled, I kept seeing “MrBeast Burger” come up. People I followed were celebrating its success, but I had no idea what this was, or what was going on. I clicked in, and as I read and started to figure out what was happening. My confusion quickly turned into amazement, and my jaw dropped. I felt like I was getting a look into the future of businesses and startups.

Immediate Customers

“MrBeast Burger” is a…

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Writing through my thoughts on focus, avoiding distraction, and searching for clear long-term thinking

Michael Seibel, the CEO of Y Combinator, has a podcast called Life, Work, and Startups, where he shares bits of advice in three-minute snippets. A few months ago, I listened to an episode where he talked about what you can do to try to be a good CEO, and how easy it is to be a bad CEO. Michael broke it down with the idea that any company, team, or project is in either one of two phases: decision-making mode or execution mode. Decision-making mode is when you’re planning, figuring out your next steps, and thinking long-term. …

My New Outlook to Make Curiosity Fun Again

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I’ve been told that I used to be a very curious person. Somewhere along the line I lost it, and now I’m trying to get it back.

Re-Discovering Curiosity

Since my early childhood I’ve been a very curious person. My mom told me that when I was a toddler, they would call me the “future surgeon,” because where most other kids would pick up a toy and play with it, I would thoroughly examine it. Maybe that was just a nice way of calling me a weirdo, why couldn’t I just enjoy the toy? …

With some Black Friday and Cyber Monday commentary because my brain is mush.

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Week 4: November 29, 2020

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Welcome back to Product/Michael Fit! I almost spelled November wrong, so get ready for a good one. My week has once again been non-stop research and writing. I’m not sure if Black Friday/Cyber Monday week is peak of craziness, or if it’s just the release of pent up marketing energy and speculation. That remains to be seen, but early indicators look super interesting. Based on one research firm’s data, it appears that Etsy made the biggest leap in 2020, followed by…

Taking a Birds-Eye View

mportant Note: Going forward, subscribing to my website MSilb7.com will sign you up for all of my posts, whereas my Substack will be the spot for my weekly-ish Product/Michael Fit newsletter.

Well, this was another nuts week (x2). For this volume, imagine yourself on a cross-country flight, with minimal turbulence, and noise-canceling headphones to drown out all of the sounds around you. Because that’s how I listened to pretty much everything that I’m mentioning below.

If you’re new (welcome!), this is Product/Michael Fit, a series where I share my favorite pieces of content from the past…

Feeling Energized to Write, Product Quality and Humility, and Aligning Your Work With Your Values

This was originally published on my Substack — Product/Michael Fit.

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Hello, hello, welcome to the most anticipated event of the week: Volume 2 of Product/Michael Fit! If you missed volume 1 from last week, check it out here (Writing Like a PM, The WWW MVP, and Tech is Dangerous) For this volume, my “week of interesting content” was really just packed into the weekend. Why? Well, 1) Our every 4 years experience of the United States’ paint by number game (and “breaking news” alerts with…

This was originally published on my Substack — Product/Michael Fit.

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Product/Michael Fit: Vol. 1 | Writing Like a PM, The WWW MVP, and Tech is Dangerous

My Favorite Things From this Past Week (10/26–11/1/20)

Hey all, I’m trying something new here. In this series “Product/Michael Fit,” (I’m Michael) I plan to share my favorite pieces of content from the past week, whether it’s a blog post or article, a podcast episode, a YouTube video, or anything else. Who knows? Send me more cool things on Twitter @MSilb7, and Follow my Medium profile if you’re interested in more!

Writing Like a Product Manager

Writing in Public: Lenny Rachitsky & David Perell

I’m a recent subscriber to Lenny’s Newsletter, and I’ve bookmarked so many tweets from David Perell on writing advice…

My Secrets for Being a Better Analyst and PM
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How I rapidly sped up my work and expanded my scope.

Also posted at msilb7.com

Over my career, I’ve accumulated a set of skills that have helped me work faster and get more stuff done in less time. This let put more focus on the fun stuff like white-boarding new ideas and developing products. I’ve mostly kept all of this knowledge to myself — until now.

I’m sharing all of my secrets: The tools and strategies that I used to become a better analyst and PM.

Table of Contents:

The Basics (Excel, Macros, SQL) — Web Automation — Alternative Data Sources — Dashboards for Repeatable Analysis and Data Sharing — Scripting Languages (Python)…

Michael Silberling

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